Jo Bo-ah, a hardworking actress who breaks through all prejudice

It is difficult for an actress who is more beautiful than average to be recognized for her acting.

No matter how good one’s performance is, most people focus on external beauty rather than acting skill if an actor/actress is more attractive than average. Beauty, as a subject, attracts more attention than facial expressions, lines, and emotions that contain details that have been agonizing over all night.

Therefore, if one wants to become a good actor and not just a pretty star, they should practice and try more than anyone else. As soon as a star with only a pretty appearance at first realizes that they have become a true actor who captures the joys and sorrows of life, the public also feels a tremendous joy.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Actress Jo Bo-ah is in this situation. At first, she made a splendid debut as a lead role from the film “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band” with her pretty appearance and lovely doll-like vibe, but her growth as an actress was slow. She has been captivating the public with her sincerity by coming down from lead roles to the supporting roles, and going up to the third, sub-heroine, and heroine step by step. With tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” which ended last spring, she is recognized for her acting skills and has gained weight as an actress. Even among insiders of the acting industry, their thoughts about Jo Bo-ah have changed from “a pretty girl” to “a great protagonist who can lead a drama.” As such, “Military Prosecutor Doberman” has become a turning point in Jo Bo-ah’s acting life, lifting her up to be recognized as an “actress.” 

If you look at “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” you can see how hard Jo Bo-ah clenched her fist and acted with all her might. In fact, Jo Bo-ah’s role as Cha Woo-in is more like a virtual character than a real life one. Cha Woo-in, who became a military prosecutor to avenge her father and drew a big picture of revenge, is a superwoman who directly overpowers several men when the decisive moment asks for her fist. Cha Woo-in’s various faces, such as her revenge incarnation, a charismatic military prosecutor, and an action queen, were attractively portrayed without any awkwardness, confirming her true worth to viewers. Jo proves to everyone how serious she is about acting and how much she wants to be a good actor. 

Jo Bo Ah

In fact, even the reporters cannot deny that they had had a prejudice against Jo Bo-ah. They saw her as a lovely girl who grows up in a rich and harmonious family and seems to have nothing to worry about. On top of that, she has a pretty face, which means she was born with the fate of receiving everyone’s attention, so she seemed to have nothing to be disappointed about. She is bright, and she makes everyone around her happy. Most of the staff members who have worked together with Jo Bo-ah cherish and love her as a family member, not just an actress. Therefore, it is not easy to see any complex and dark emotions from her.

It is true that when Jo Bo-ah was cast in “Military Prosecutor Doberman”, people raised more concerns than expectations. Although Jo Bo-ah received positive responses for her improved acting skills in “Tale of the Nine Tailed”, the charismatic character Cha Woo-in in “Military Prosecutor Doberman”, who became a military prosecutor with only one desire for revenge, didn’t seem to suit her at all. Cha Woo-in appears in the drama with a grand revenge project and attracts the Doberman Do Bae-man (Ahn Bo-hyun). In addition, she is literally a “Wonder Woman” who can fight well and show great ability in court. Jo Bo-ah, an actress full of loveliness from head to toe, made drama fans wonder if she could portray such a strong character well. 

Military Prosecutor Doberman

However, we cannot judge an actor only by their appearance. Jo Bo-ah completed erased her old image and transformed herself into Cha Woo-in perfectly. Her smile which always brightens up the atmosphere surrounding her was filled with a desperately evil and arrogant mood. Her natural cute way of speaking suddenly disappeared and she was reborn as a charismatic prosecutor who dominates the court. It was worthwhile to take a hiatus of 1.5 years after “Tale of the Nine Tailed” and improve her acting while waiting for a good drama that could raise her level as an actress. Like the saying “Opportunity is given to those who are well-prepared”, Jo Bo-ah was ready and she immediately took the good opportunity that came to her.

Jo Boah

Jo Bo-ah is now in the 10th year of her acting career. What can be seen through “Military Prosecutor Doberman” is that the public still does not know Jo Bo-ah’s true appearance. The image of a lovely girl who seems to own everything is just a prejudice or a concept. Although Jo Bo-ah seems to look always happy because of her bright smile, she definitely had some shortcomings inside. Pure passion for acting, eager desire to be recognized as an actor, and a thirst that cannot be easily satisfied no matter how hard you try. Unlike some people, who get jealous of others if they don’t achieve recognition and resent the world for not recognizing them, Jo Bo-ah tried to reflect on her original intention honestly. If others looked through the script once, she read it ten more times and did not stop practicing. Such efforts have finally paid off. It seems like Jo Bo-ah’s acting spectrum, which used to be quite narrow, has grown tremendously.

Many people might question if it is accurate to judge everything about Jo Bo-ah with only one drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman”. In fact, those who have followed Jo Bo-ah’s growth since her debut until now have faith in the actress. Since Jo Bo-ah has always done her best in each work and grown beyond her limit, there is no doubt that she will find better ways to solve more difficult missions. Many fans are looking forward to seeing how she will surprise the audience with her future performances.

This is just the beginning of actress Jo Bo-ah, who has reached the 10th year since her debut. In the future, her acting career will definitely be an exciting journey with not just one color but diverse transformations. It will be a great pleasure for the public to continue watching Jo Bo-ah filling what she lacks with her overflowing passion.

Source: Daum

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