Jo Bo-ah: “A cautious approach to romance with Ahn Bo-hyun, the training set-up is thrilling”

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” Jo Bo-ah showed off her romantic chemistry with Ahn Bo-hyun.

The tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” which ended on April 28th, tells the story of Do Bae-man, who became a military prosecutor for money, and Cha Woo-in, who became a military prosecutor for revenge, breaking down black and rotten evil in the military and growing into real military prosecutors.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

In the drama, Jo Bo-ah played the role of Cha Woo-in, a new military prosecutor in the 4th Army Division. Cha Woo-in captured the hearts of viewers by taking refreshing revenge against the final villain Noh Hwa-young (Oh Yeon-soo).

Exports News met to have an interview with Jo Bo-ah at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on the morning of May 2nd.


Regarding the first impression and charm of “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” Jo Bo-ah said, “These days, many people are tired due to the pandemic. While dealing with real social issues, the series contained the message that it wanted to look like a lively drama by adapting the plot in a comical way. I think the director set it up with both the light and serious color in the director’s style,” she said.

“And all the actors were greedy. As everyone works with the same mind with greed and affection for their characters, I always feel that ‘this scene is so fun for me and the people watching can feel the fun too.’ I think that part was the most fun,” she said, showing off her extraordinary affection.


In the play, Jo Bo-ah planned her revenge on villain Noh Hwa-young (Oh Yeon-soo) along with Do Bae-man, who resembles her. The romance between Jo Bo-ah and Ahn Bo-hyun, which bloomed in the military background, the job of a military prosecutor, and other heavy topics, received keen attention from viewers.

The couple only confirmed each other’s feelings in the last episode. When asked if she was disappointed in the amount of romantic scenes, Jo Bo-ah said, “There were so many parts to show in our drama. In a way, it contained a lot of social issues that need us to be serious and had to be dealt with in the military and in court, so I thought that such essence could be blurred if romance was added to the mix. I think I have approached it carefully. Still, I thought it would be fun if there was a little pink atmosphere, so I think we saved those moments little by little.”

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Jo Bo-ah, who said the setting of training was “thrilling,” said, “I don’t think it was awkward because Ahn Bo-hyun and I have good chemistry. It could seem awkward, but I think the chemistry that we both had fun making would come more comfortably,” she said.

In addition, Jo Bo-ah said she received a lot of action help from Ahn Bo-hyun, a former athlete, adding, “Since he was a military writer, I was able to immediately ask about military terms and details about what to do in the military.”


“I think I’ve filmed a lot with seniors who have more years of experience than me. I’m around the same age as Ahn Bo-hyun, and I think we got along really well. I just felt that I was working with my friend. We could talk to each other a lot and created a comfortable environment. I think it was really fun and easy to finish the shoot,” she said, showing off her chemistry with Ahn Bo-hyun.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

When asked, “How was your chemistry with Oh Yeon-soo?” Jo Bo-ah said, “She is so beautiful off-cam. But when she went into the shoot, she wore a military uniform and gloves, and that force of her even came out through the monitor. Her aura was so cool that I got goosebumps and nervous while monitoring. There’s something in her eyes that can overpower me. I can’t forget her eyes when she looked down from the top of the VIP room.”

Jo Bo-ah

On the warm atmosphere of the set, Jo Bo-ah said, “Everyone was so cheerful. It was always noisy before the shoot, but everyone suddenly became serious after going into the shoot. Since everyone is a veteran, they get immersed in their scene immediately like that. I don’t think there was anything that need to be heavy because of the new situations,” she expressed.


When asked about the mood maker, she said, “The overall atmosphere seemed to be more of a harmonized one rather than having a specific someone standing out. I think it was thanks to the director. It was so much fun. I think that’s how our work went because the director was pleasant and fun. It’s a work that contains a lot of the director’s comedy code,” she said, expressing her affection.

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