A kiss scene without actual kissing? The reason why viewers are mad at “Military Prosecutor Doberman” finale

The kiss scene in the last episode of “Military Prosecutor Doberman” makes viewers disappointed. 

In episode 16 of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman” aired on April 26th, the journey of Do Bae Man (Ahn Bo Hyun) and Cha Woo In (Jo Bo Ah) struggling to make the villain Noh Hwa Young (Oh Yeon Soo) pay for her crimes was depicted. 

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Eventually, Noh Hwa Young was sentenced to death after it was revealed that she murdered her parents 20 years ago. After the ruling, Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In returned to their civilian status.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

The timeline then fast forward to a year later. Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In finally met, did not hide their feelings for each other and shared a romantic kiss.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

However, this is the scene where “Military Prosecutor Doberman” presented an old-fashioned production. The kiss scene was not shown properly. Just when Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Bo Ah were about to lock lips, the camera was abruptly raised all the way up to focus on the tree leaves. 

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Because of this questionable editing, viewers could not even confirm whether Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Bo Ah actually kissed for this part to be called a kiss scene.

Netizens left comments on Naver TV, “Why are they making us see leaves? Is this even a 21st century drama?”, “If they were going to do this, they should have just left out the kissing scene”, “All I see are the tree leaves?”, “This is ridiculous. I’d rather they only had eye contact.”


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