Collab with BTS but McDonald’s used a poster with EXO’s photo?

ARMYs helped McDonald’s sell a huge number of “The BTS Meal” on the first day. However, the brands used another group’s photo instead of BTS’s.

On May 27, The BTS Meal that BTS cooperated with McDonald’s was available in many countries around the world.  Just like the previous super-fast orders for albums and goods, ARMYs quickly helped the company sell out a large number of meals in just the first day.

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However, ARMYs discovered something was wrong: The poster McDonald’s used to promote The BTS Meal was not a photo of BTS. Moreover, fans realized that the brand used a photo of EXO – the group that is considered a rival to BTS.  If we search for the keyword “EXO in Dubai”, we will easily see that this poster is an EXO’s photo.

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Immediately after discovering this mistake, ARMYs contacted McDonald’s to ask for an apology and explanation.  The company’s admin gave feedback through the comment section under the company’s post on its official fanpage on May 27.


Accordingly, Admin sincerely apologized to customers, especially ARMYs who had a bad experience.  The representative of McDonald’s also said that they were checking the situation on the entire store system. The also confirmed that they would immediately remove these posters.  The brand also promised that there would not be any similar cases in the future.

ARMY, on the other hand, wanted McDonald’s to issue a formal apology rather than apologizing through comments. Because this terrible blunder demonstrates the company’s censorship incompetence, as well as a lack of respect for BTS, its partner, and ARMY customers, and accidentally harmed EXO. On the evening of May 28, the brand issued an official apology and stated that they had removed these posters immediately.


EXO’s fans, on the other hand, criticized McDonald’s for using the SM boy group’s picture without permission. On social media platforms, EXO-Ls are continuously trending the hashtag #McDonaldsApologizeToEXO to demand this fast-food label give a proper apology and explanation to the group. 

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