Ro Woon reportedly plays the male lead in new historical drama “Sending Me to You”

Actor and SF9 member Ro Woon will make his comeback in a historical drama.

An official from the entertainment industry told Sports Chosun on January 19th, Ro Woon will play the main character in the new drama ‘Sending Me to You’ (working title)”. 

“Sending Me to You” is a historical rom-com drama that tells about a young widow and a widower who married the princess meeting and conducting a matchmaking operation during the Joseon Dynasty. Young widow Jung Soon Deok joins forces with widower Shim Jung Woo to arrange marriages for 4 Joseon representative women.

Ro Woon plays Shim Jung Woo, the best matchmaker in Hanyang. Shim Jung Woo is intelligent and has an outstanding appearance. At the age of 17, he happens to become the king’s son-in-law after attracting the attention of the princess. As the princess collapses during their wedding, he suddenly becomes a widower. After then, Shim Jung Woo expresses his intention, ‘Please cancel my marriage with the princess. Please use a talented person like me to help the country’. On the king’s mission, he enters the matchmaking business to arrange marriages for women.

After the success of “The King’s Affection”, Ro Woon will once again portray a historical drama character. After playing his first leading role in “Extraordinary You”, Ro Woon continued to participate in two hit dramas “She Would Never Know” and “The King’s Affection” then gave healing emotions to the viewers through “Tomorrow”. In addition, he is currently filming “Destined With You” with Jo Bo Ah.

Attention is focused on the new charm that Ro Woon will show through “Sending Me to You”.

Produced by FNC Story, “Sending Me to You” is a new work written by Ha Soon Jin, the writer of “Sell Your Haunted House”, and is currently in the casting stage.

Source: Daum

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