Kim Hye Ja “Lee Byung Hun cried to the extent that my hair was all wet”

Actress Kim Hye Ja praised Lee Byung Hun’s acting.

tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”, which aired on Jan 11th, featured actress Kim Hye Ja, who has been in her 61st year since debut. On this day, Kim Hye Ja looked back on the filming of tvN’s drama “Our Blues”, which was greatly loved last year.

Kim Hye Ja, who played Lee Byung Hun’s mother in the drama, recalled, “It was the first time we worked together, and he did really well.

One of the best scenes in “Our Blues” is Kim Hye Ja’s death scene. Lee Byung Hun presented a passionate sobbing performance at the death of Kim Hye Ja, whom he reconciled with after being away for a long time.

Kim Hye Ja said, “He stroked my face and cried with his face close to my ear. He cried to the extent that my hair was all wet. I don’t know how much I held back because I was afraid that tears would come out. I felt so sad that I bit my teeth and held it back. Lee Byung Hun didn’t say anything and just immersed himself in the work. I worked with him for the first time, but it was really good. I thought he’s a great actor.

Source: Daum

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