The current situation of an actor who formed a love line with an AOA member in a drama 5 years ago

The past of Kim Tae-yi, who appeared on TVING’s dating entertainment program “Transit Love 2”, is drawing attention.

He turned out to be an actor under ESteem Entertainment, which includes singer Lee Hyo-ri, dancer Aiki and model Han Hye-jin. Many viewers are curious about whether he is still related to the entertainment industry as he introduced himself as a clothing brand editor and barista on “Transit Love 2“.

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In the past, he appeared in MBC’s drama “Hospital Ship”, which ended in 2017, alongside actress Ha Ji-won, CNBLUE Kang Min-hyuk and former AOA former Kwon Mina. At that time, Kim Tae-yi was active under the name Kim In-sik. He played dentist Cha Joon-young, who stimulated viewers’ protective instinct as an absent-minded and cowardly character, in “Hospital Ship”.

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He drew attention by forming a love line with Kwon Mina. He played such an important role that he even appeared in the drama poster. Netizens who saw his past commented, “His current aura is completely different from before”, “Is he continuing his entertainment activities?”…

Aside from “Hospital Ship”, Kim Tae-yi made his debut in the play “The Boy We First Loved” in 2016. He also appeared as the secretary of the main character Kang Ji-hwan in MBC’s drama “Monster”.

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However, Kim Tae-yi directly confessed on “Transit Love 2”, “I was an actor until 5~6 years ago. I didn’t have a long acting career. I quit that job.”

Unexpected personal connections also became a hot topic at the news that he was active in the entertainment industry. This is because Kim Tae-yi and Honey J‘s extraordinary friendship was revealed.

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In February 2020, Honey J uploaded a photo taken with Kim Tae-yi while playing at the beach on Instagram. Many netizens expressed surprise at the friendly appearance of the two.

Fans are paying attention to whether Kim Tae-yi will completely quit his career in the entertainment industry in a situation where interest in the cast has increased even after the end of “Transit Love 2”.

kim tae yi

He is currently working as a barista. He became an official couple with college student Park Na-eon in the final episode of “Transit Love 2”, which aired on Oct 28th. Many people are interested in his relationship with Park Na-eon as well as his return to the entertainment industry.

kim tae yi

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