“Transit Love 2” Kim Tae-yi, who used to be an actor, once formed a love line with former AOA member Kwon Mina

The appearance of Kim Tae-yi, a cast member of TVING’s original entertainment show “Transit Love 2”, when he was an actor in the past was revealed.

Recently, photos of Kim Tae-yi when he was active as an actor were uploaded on various SNS and internet communities such as theqoo, drawing attention.

Kim Tae-yi’s major works in the past include MBC’s drama “Hospital Ship”, which ended in 2017. Actress Ha Ji-won and CNBLUE Kang Min-hyuk starred in this work. Kim Tae-yi also worked together with actor Lee Seo-won, who caused controversy over sexual harassment.

At that time, Kim Tae-yi was active under the name Kim In-sik before changing his name. In “Hospital Ship”, he played the delightful dentist Cha Joon-young. He drew attention by forming a love line with former AOA member Kwon Mina.

When this fact became known, netizens left comments such as “I heard that he was also ESteem’s model”, “The atmosphere is completely different” and “Oh, it’s amazing.”

Earlier, at the beginning of “Transit Love 2”, Kim Tae-yi revealed his acting career at a gathering of cast members and confessed that he had completely quit now, raising curiosity.

Kim Tae-yi is currently working as a barista. He is 27 years old. He is appearing on “Transit Love 2” with his ex-girlfriend Lee Ji-yeon.

Source: wikitree

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