“0% for 7 consecutive episodes”…EXID Hani’s “IDOL” hit bottom again

JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “IDOL: The Coup” (hereinafter referred to as “IDOL”) broke its own lowest ratings record.

According to Nielsen Korea, episode 7 of JTBC’s “IDOL” that aired on November 29 recorded 0.354% based on paid broadcasting households nationwide.  This is a slight drop from 0.686% recorded by the previous episode and also its own lowest ratings.

IDOL” has not exceeded the 0% range for 7 consecutive episodes since it started airing at 0.751%. Starring Hani, Kwak Si-yang, Solbin, Han So-eun, Choo So-jung and Kim Ji-won, the drama “IDOL” tells about young people who confidently resign their dreams.

EXID Hani’s "IDOL"
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