What did Jang Wonyoung do to earn public praise for her first comeback with IVE?

Jang Wonyoung’s segment is receiving many positive responses from the public.

“Rookie Dinosaur” IVE has just made a huge comeback with the song “Love Dive” after a successful debut with the single Eleven“LOVE DIVE” is a dark modern pop song that highlights the message of independence. The song portrays the concept of a modern-day cupid with the way the lyrics express how one should dive into love anytime if they have the courage to love.

Recently, the performance video for IVE‘s “Love Dive” has attracted the attention of netizens.  The group had a perfect performance with attractive choreography and amazing charisma. In particular, the segment of “former IZ*ONE’s center” is receiving a lot of positive reactions from netizens.

Jang Wonyoung’s segment is receiving many compliments

Jang Wonyoung‘s clear development during this comeback with the group has been lauded by netizens. She is also quite gorgeous. Her performance style, charisma, expression, and dancing abilities have become much better. 

Previously, the IVE member was regarded as having only exceptional visuals but limited talent, however with recent comeback, Jang Wonyoung has changed the public’s perception of her. Netizens believe Jang Wonyoung is even more prominent now than when she was with IZ*ONE because of the great response to this segment. Many fans expressed their want to watch the female idol perform live in the near future.

IVE-Love Dive
Jang Wonyoung’s charisma and confident expression while performing the new song

Netizens’ comments:

  • I see Wonyoung’s obvious improvement, this comeback is really her glory days.
  • Love this part!  Wonyoung’s performance is really charming
  • Wonyoung is so good, getting better and better, I think this part is the most attractive in the song, so proud of you!
  • Wonyoung’s so pretty. Now she’s getting better and better!

The newly released Love Dive has quickly received the attention of the public, showing the tremendous charm of the Starship rookie.  The song has a catchy beat produced by Sophia Brennan, Elle Campbell, Nick Hahn and choreographed by Freemind Chae Dasom & team Lachica.

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