Pre-debut photos of “playboy” Lucas (NCT) resurfaced: Hanging out with friends at a karaoke and massage parlor

Lucas’s past photos are being spread by netizens on social media.

Lucas (NCT/WayV) is the hottest name in Kpop over the past few days after being accused by his ex-girlfriends of cheating and gaslighting. Amid the allegations against the SM male idol, many netizens also contributed to the drama by spreading a series of Lucas’s pre-debut photos.

Lucas has continuously been exposed by his ex-girlfriends
The pre-debut photos of Lucas before were reposted by netizens.

If you are curious where Lucas used to hang out with his friends on the weekends, let the following pictures answer that question.

The pictures of Lucas and his friends in the past are being spread all over social media platforms

In this blurry picture, under the dim lights of the karaoke bar, the “playboy” Lucas stood out among his friends. A friend of Lucas was holding a cigarette in his hand.  After seeing these pictures, netizens have left many comments “shading” the male idol.

Netizens even wonder if Lucas practiced singing a lot when he went to the karaoke, because in NCT, he is not very good at singing
Another picture of Lucas when he went to a massage parlor in Hong Kong with his friends resurfaced

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