EXO’s fandom is also divided “CBX, just pay the penalty for breach of contract and leave the group”

While EXO Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin (hereinafter referred to as CBX) are in an exclusive contract dispute with SM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SM), fans are angry about EXO’s activities becoming unclear.

Recently, posts saying that the entire EXO is suffering damage due to the dispute between CBX and SM have been spreading online.

EXO heralded full-group activities in the third quarter of this year. According to data previously released by SM, D.O.’s solo comeback was also scheduled within this year. While preparing for the group’s comeback, Kai suddenly joined the army, but the prevailing response was that EXO would carry out their planned schedule.


However, CBX notified SM of the termination of their exclusive contract on June 1st, raising a warning sign for their activities. CBX revealed that SM did not disclose the settlement data transparently and forced a slave contract. SM refuted CBX’s claim. Since then, the two sides have been confronting each other tightly with refutations.

Some fans are complaining about this. This is because there will be difficulties in making a comeback unless the current situation is settled. Some predict that CBX calculated the timing with malicious intent.


Fans criticized, “It seems to be a deliberate revolt“, “How many people are they hurting?“, “Just pay the penalty for breach of contract and leave the group“…

Meanwhile, CBX revealed part of the contract signed with SM and filed a complaint against SM to the Fair Trade Commission.

In addition, they announced their position to continue EXO activities separately from the dispute with SM. CBX said, “We renewed our contract after hearing that there could be disadvantages for team members and the entire team. There will never be an act of betraying the members (in the future), and we will put EXO first in any situation.”

Source: Naver

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