Kim Seon Ho takes a leap from a good guy embodiment to an anticipated evil icon with “The Childe”

Kim Seon Ho is known for a decent and sweet boyfriend sort of role on the small screen before “The Childe”.

Known as the “good guy” embodiment, Kim Seon Ho has long been associated with the image of a sweet, decent, and loyal male character in various dramas. Before taking a complete transformation with the movie “The Childe”, Kim Seon Ho was known for the following roles.

Kim Rae Wan – You Drive Me Crazy (2018)

After receiving the “Best New Actor” award at the “MBC Drama Award” in 2017, Kim Seon Ho had his first lead role in the MBC’s four-episode drama special “You Drive Me Crazy” starring alongside Lee Yoo Young.

kim seon ho

He plays Kim Rae Won, a gifted, famous, and rich artist. He leads secluded life. He had a close friend named Han Eun Seong (Lee Yoo Young) but they drifted apart after one night. Rae Won only reunited with Eun Seong one year after when she moved to Rae Wan’s place due to a plumbing issue.

As a “best male friend” character, Kim Rae Wan has the female audience head over heels with his attentive care and utmost consideration for his female counterpart. Gradually, the couple learned to face their respective emotions for each other and had a happy ending.

Jung Je Yoon – 100 Days My Prince (2018)

In the same year, Kim Seon Ho plays a supporting role as Jung Je Yoon in “100 Days My Prince”. After one year of working in the palace, he returns as a Magistrate of the Songjoo village and crosses paths with Yeon Hong Sim (Nam Ji Hyun).

100 Days My Prince

Suffering from face blindness, Kim Seon Ho could not remember anyone’s face except for that of Hong Sim. They only encountered twice but she always radiated with light every time he saw her. Knowing that she already had a husband, the Magistrate tried to show her care from afar and takes all the pain of one-sided love.

Cha Woo Sik – Eulachacha Waikiki (2019)

In his first lead role in a miniseries, Kim Seon Ho plays Cha Woo Sik, an unknown singer who only performs at small-scale events. He is also the owner of a hostel Waikiki. Ironically, he was commissioned to sing for the wedding of his first love Han Soo Yeon (Moon Ga Young). The wedding turned into a disaster and he decided to rescue Soo Yeon from it.

Eulachacha Waikiki

In the series, actor Kim revealed his comedic side and was loved for portraying the unwavering love Woo Sik has for Soo Yeon. He supports her through tough times and becomes her rock when she goes through a debilitating financial crisis.

Go Ji Seok – Catch the Ghost (2019)

Go Ji Seok is one of Kim Seon Ho’s most well-loved characters in “Catch the Ghost” where he stars alongside Moon Geun Young.

Catch the Ghost

Go Ji Seok joined an investigation team after graduating from the police academy. However, he leaves his dream aside to become the guardian of a single mother with memory loss. His dream is reignited when he joined a team with Yoo Ryeong (Moon Geun Young).

As the drama focuses on crime investigation combined with comedy, the main couple’s love line takes the sideline. Nonetheless, the police officer still leaves a deep affection with the audience for his friendliness, kindness, and right-hand man for Yoo Ryeong.

Han Ji Pyeong – Star Up (2020)

Kim Seok Ho was shot to stardom as Han Ji Pyeong in “Start Up”. After the drama, he was regarded as the most beloved second male lead on the small screen, generating a wave of “second male lead syndrome” across Asia.

sart up

Han Ji Pyeong is a successful businessman coming from a poor background. He was adopted by the grandmother of Dal Mi (Bae Suzy). He faked a pen pal on Dal Mi’s grandmother’s request to talk with her for a whole year. After some letter exchange, they started developing feelings for each other.

Years later, Ji Pyeong had become successful while Dal Mi still struggled to become more than a contract worker.

As Ji Pyeong, actor Kim brings to life a successful businessman who leads a life of loneliness. However, he always reserves the most care and warmth for Dal Mi. He loves her with all his heart without needing anything in return.

Hong Du Sik – Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)

After “Star Up”, Kim Seon Ho starred in “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” and climbed up to the station of high-profile actors.

 Hometown ChaChaCha

The drama brings an air of healing to the audience amidst the widespread of revenge dramas or ones dealing with heavy topics. He transforms into Chief Hong, a genuine, loyal, and perfect guy of every girl’s dream.

He graduated from National Seoul University but abandoned life of the city to return to the Gongjin village by the seaside after a life-changing incident. Here, villagers call him chief Hong for being a jack of all trades. They only need to give him a call and he will be there in an instant.

Hong Du Sik has a meet-cute with Hye Jin, a dentist moving to the village for an incident in the city. They gradually fall in love as Du Sik brings Hye Jin closer to life in this seaside community.

The Childe

“The Childe” marks Kim Seon Ho’s first transition to play a villain. This Kim Seon Ho will carry a smile and a pair of eyes sparkling with the desire for destruction.

The Childe

According to the Korean media, this role will not only be a breakaway from the usual “good guy” roles of actor Kim but also the next evil icon of the Korean cinema.

“The Childe” will be released in theaters on June 23rd, 2023.

Source: K14

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