LE SSERAFIM’s first encore: full of crack, out of tune, overall lackluster live singing?

Rookie girl group LE SSERAFIM nailed their first win on a music show in just 8 days after debut. 

On May 2nd, LE SSERAFIM, the new girl group under BTS’s agency HYBE Labels, became the talk of town after debuting with their first ep “FEARLESS”. 

They also recently secured a weekly cup from SBS’s “The Show”, thus having their win in just 8 days after debut. However, the audience’s attention was on something else – the encore performance. 

LE SSERAFIM’s encore performance of “FEARLESS” on SBS’s “The Show”
le sserafim
The group got super excited that they nailed a first win in just 8 days.
le sserafim
This is their first encore performance.
le sserafim
le sserafim

However, while LE SSERAFIM’s music is mostly praised on the net, their encore stage has been receiving mixed reactions. In particular, some netizens believed that the group still lacked live singing ability, and only Yunjin and Eunchae did a decent job. 

Others also commented that Kim Garam sang out of tune, leading to other members following in her footsteps. Meanwhile, some still maintained that it was fine for their first time, and stated that the public needed to be less harsh on a group that just debuted. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Chaewon used to sing live well…. but her performance is disappointing this time.
  • It’s hard to hear their voices with a loud backtrack, but when there’s less music the stage is blander somehow. Personally, I think this is fine.
  • Sakura did such a great job, thanks to the training. It’s pretty clear why the company picked her. As a fan of 10 years I feel like she has improved a lot, leaving Japan was the right decision.
  • The starter needs to sing in tune first. Kim Garam was off-tune and then Chaewon and Kazuha followed without much thought. Their singing is not bad but not good either, and their voices also crack. Don’t even “crack is normal” at me because this is obviously due to a lack of technique, and they also crack too many times to count. Anyways, as I said, Kim Garam started it badly, hopefully, they will do better next time.   
  • Yunjin and Eunchae were the most stable, the rest were lackluster. 
  • Out of tune and cracking… are you guys seriously praising this?

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