This is really bad… Yang Yo-seob reported the “worst situation” before the summer comes

HIGHLIGHT Yang Yo-seop shared his daily life.

Yang Yo-seop released a photo on his Instagram story on May 12th including the caption, “I bought a new air conditioner for the upcoming summer.”


In the photo, some pigeons were standing on an outdoor unit hanging from the veranda of his house.

“I think the pigeons around me are spreading the rumor that I have a new outdoor unit. I even made eye contact with them while cleaning today,” he wrote. “Stop coming.”


He then added the photo of Namjin’s music album “The Nest,” “Many are saying that these pigeons will build nests soon. If that’s the case, I should at least receive a monthly rent. These cheeky pigeons,” he added.

It is known that the pigeons prefer to nest in outdoor equipment is because they think they can avoid the danger of natural enemies. Some apartment residents seem to complain of this problem from time to time, and some even install wire fences to prevent pigeons throughout their veranda with personal money.


As the news spread, online community users shared their experiences on how to fight pigeons. They say, “Once they settle down, they will have the instinct to return home,” “You have to call a company and deal with it,” “You will be stressed by the cooing sound soon,” “He makes me think of Vincenzo,” and “Once a pigeon comes, they will keep coming, I think you need to act fast.”


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