Big Bang T.O.P’s 2023 space travel is reportedly sponsored by a Japanese billionaire 

Professor Lee Myung Hun mentioned the space travel project dearMoon. 

MBC’s program “Top Teacher”, which aired on February 1st, showed astronomer Lee Myung Hyun discussing mankind’s challenge of discovering the infinite universe.

On the broadcast, Kim Ho Young said, “I used to think the universe was far away, however, I recently read many articles about Big Bang T.O.P going into space”.

top teacher

Professor Lee explained, “There is a Japanese billionaire. His name is Yusaku Maezawa. He has so much money and he sets space travel as his goal. He signed a contract with SpaceX and bought tickets for 8 people to go to the moon. They plan to do that in 2023”.

Everyone was surprised when the professor said, “However, this person couldn’t stand waiting for it. He paid 10 billion yen (about 100 billion won) and visited the International Space Station first.”

Professor Lee continued, “Space travel products have been introduced since 2021 and several types have been released”, introducing some space travel products, their prices, compositions, etc. He also talked about this era when private space travel is open to ordinary people.


Meanwhile, dearMoon project is a space travel project organized by billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, who is called “Japan’s Elon Musk”.

Big Bang T.O.P was selected as the final member of the moon travel crew alongside DJ/producer Steve Aoki, photographers Rhiannon Adam, Karim Iliya, choreographer Yemi A.D, musician Tim Doddm, documentary producer Brendan Hall, and actor Dev D. Joshi.

They will travel around the moon for 6 days and return to the Earth in a spacecraft developed by Elon Musk’s space company Space X.

Source: Daum

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