Big Bang T.O.P shows support for Elon Musk’s spaceship launch test 

Big Bang member T.O.P expressed his expectations for his upcoming Moon travel.

On January 24th, T.O.P posted a video on his Instagram. The video shows SpaceX lit Ship 24 performing the single-engine static fire test.

Upon seeing the video posted on the official Instagram account of dearMoon project and left a flame emoticon in the comment section. He also introduced photos of the spacecraft.


Meanwhile, T.O.P will participate in the Moon travel project dearMoon conducted by SpaceX, a U.S. space exploration company founded by Elon Musk in 2023. The project will be joined by 8 crew members, including T.O.P, who aim to become the first civilians to fly to the moon.

T.O.P shared, “I’ve always had a big fantasy about the universe and the moon ever since I was a child. I’m looking forward to my personal growth through this project, and I want to realize new things and feel new stimulations.”


He continued, “I can feel the great pride and responsibility of going to the Moon as the first person representing my country Korea”, adding “I hope dearMoon project will inspire the world and gives hope to many people. I want to make everyone feel that anything is possible if you dare to dream.”

Source: Nate

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