Jung Kyung Ho shows affection for Choi Soo Young in his new drama? Picture of a dog in “Crash Course in Romance” is making headlines

The pet dog of the main character actor Jung Kyung Ho was caught on his new drama tvN’s “Crash Course in Romance”.

Jung Kyung Ho’s pet dog made a surprise appearance on “Crash Course in Romance” (written by Yang Hee Sung/ directed by Yoo Je Won), which aired on January 21st, and aroused keen attention from viewers. Fans are also pleased to see him in an unexpected scene.

Jung Kyung-ho

During the broadcast, Choi Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) visited a side dish store run by Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon) and suddenly got soaked by Haeng Seon, who was cleaning the window. Haeng Seon felt sorry for making Chi Yeol get soaked from his head to his clothes and said she would dry his clothes for him but Chi Yeol once again refused it. 

Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol regretted when thinking about what they’ve done to each other, but it’s too late to turn it back. Chi Yeol felt sorry about the incident in the past when he smashed the cell phone of Haeng Seon’s younger brother and was worried that Haeng Seon would disclose it on online communities.

Jung Kyung-ho

In the meantime, Chi Yeol was surprised when checking the online post titled “Choi Chi Yeol is like a dog”. The post compares Chi Yeol with a cute puppy with the comment, “They look alike, right? So cute”, making Chi Yeol feel relieved.

In particular, the puppy drew attention as it is Ho Young, the dog that Jung Kyung Ho, who plays Choi Chi Yeol, is raising in real life. Ho Young is the pet dog raised by Jung Kyung Ho and his lover Choi Soo Young. The name ‘Ho Young’ is created by combining ‘Ho’ in Jung Kyung Ho and ‘Young’ in Choi Soo Young.

Jung Kyung Ho, who often shows his special affection for Choi Soo Young and their pet dog, created a pleasant atmosphere as he greeted viewers together with Ho Young. Therefore, many fans are curious about the behind-the-scenes story of Ho Young’s special appearance. 

Source: Naver

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