Amid reunion rumors with HyunA, Dawn announces a meaningful new start

A trailer film announcement for Dawn was released by his new label, signaling a new start for the male idol. 

On February 1st, a video titled “DAWN – Official Announcement Trailer”, was published on the YouTube channel “AT AREA” of GroovyRoom’s self-founded agency, AREA. 

While short, DAWN’s trailer was intense. It started with a barcode engraved on the body of Dawn being scanned, drawing attention. Afterwards, there is a breathtaking chase, barcode removal, and a falling scene that gives an overwhelming sense of immersion. Finally, Dawn’s reawakening as the music gradually escalated completed a meaningful narrative.

At the same time, GroovyRoom, the music producing and composing duo that founded AREA, raised expectations by saying, “We focused on showing Dawn’s new mood and various possibilities in the future. Please look forward to Dawn’s appearance with AREA in the future.”


Meanwhile, Dawn said, “I hope that the curiosity about the previously released photos has been satisfied. They convey the will to show a new side of me. We ask for your continued support.”

On the other hand, Dawn recently broke up with his lover, HyunA. Although rumors of a reunion have recently surfaced, both sides remain silent.

Source: Daum

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