Dongguk University’s goddesses Kang So Ra, Son Na Eun, Park Min Young…Era of hardships

The three goddesses of Dongguk University’s Division of Theatre & Film are coincidentally facing an era of hardships.

▲ Kang So Ra, class of 2008

The 12-episode web drama “Can We Be Strangers?”, Kang So Ra‘s first drama in 6 years, is very disappointing. Even if she took a long break due to marriage and childbirth, it feels like Kang So Ra, who was the main character of the popular works “Sunny” and “Misaeng: Incomplete Life”, is unsuited to “Can We Be Strangers?” for some reason. ENA’s “Can We Be Strangers?”, which is about the love and growth of divorce lawyers, only exceeded 1% until episode 4. Its performance and topicality are insignificant. It is made by KT Studio Genie and introduced through Genie TV and TVING, but it is at the level of “don’t know don’t care” (viewers don’t know and don’t care about it). 

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▲ Son Na Eun, class of 2014

Son Na Eun’s acting skills, which rarely improve even though she has been an actor for 12 years, held her ankles again. Although she played the role of an attractive antagonist in JTBC’s weekend drama “Agency”, she was criticized for her awkward expressions and pronunciation, as well as shouting acting that broke the flow of the work. Many point out that since she is pretty enough, it would be nice if she could focus on her diction and emotional acting.

Son Naeun Agency

▲ Park Min Young, class of 2004

In September 2022, the fact that Park Min Young was dating Kang Jong Hyun, the actual owner of the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, caused a stir. Many people frowned at Kang Jong Hyun’s background and specs. They said that he did not suit Park Min Young, who has a bright and elegant image of a Rom-com queen.

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The day after the dating rumor, Park Min Young’s side quickly announced, “They broke up.” However, the situation went out of control after it was further revealed that her sister was registered as an outside director of Kang’s company. In the end, Park Min Young’s side managed to escape from the bunker by drawing a line, “It is not true that Park Min Young received a large amount of money from the other party. Her older sister also resigned as an outside director.”

Source: Nate

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