This high school boy who was street-casted by JYP for his looks went through a great twist 

Actor Na In Woo revealed that he was a JYP trainee in the past. 

Actor Na In Woo recently became a hot topic when he revealed the unexpected fact that he was a trainee at JYP Entertainment. In particular, the actor applied for the JYP recruitment audition thanks to a recommendation of a casting director, passed the audition, and trained alongside GOT7 Jinyoung, TWICE Jeongyeon, and boy band Day6.

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Na In Woo dreamed of becoming a singer for a while, but eventually left JYP when he was a senior in high school and entered college. While contemplating his career path, he received an offer from the person in charge who cast him at the time, and joined Cube Entertainment as an actor.

Na In Woo, who started as an actor, made his debut in 2013 through the musical “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store”, and ever since, started to build up his acting skills by playing supporting and minor roles in various projects. 

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It was in 2020 that Na In Woo began to attract attention. In particular, he appeared in the tvN drama “Mr. Queen”, where he played the role Kim Byeong In – son to the Sedo family who had a crush on the female lead since childhood. Here, he showed a loyal and mournful love, and successfully won the hearts of many audiences as the second male lead. 

Having been recognized for his acting skills, the actor did not miss out on opportunities that was flowing in afterwards. After actor Jisoo, who was casted to play the male lead of “River Where The Moon Rises”, had to leave the project abruptly after a scandal, Na In Woo replaced him, and successfully immersed in the drama despite the tight schedule and difficult situation, eventually earning favorable reviews from viewers.

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Having perfectly portrayed the character of On Dal in “River Where The Moon Rises”, Na In Woo showed a manly charm by adding flashy action in addition to his good and simple appearance, and successfully conquered the genres of historical, romance, and comedy at the same time. With this drama, Na In Woo truly proved his potential as a leading actor.

Since then, the actor has continued to work hard by taking on major roles in “Cleaning Up” and “Jinxed at First”. In “Cleaning Up”, he played a stupid electrician college student who happened to be an insider trading engineer, and also attacked women’s hearts with his “nerdy” appearance.

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Beyond the drama scene, Na In Woo also entered the entertainment industry. Since January 2022, he has been appearing as a main cast member on the weekend entertainment show “ 2 Days & 1 Night”. Here, he earned the nickname of “handsome Kim Jong Min”, and is active as the youngest member. He also shows quick adaptation abilities, and exudes strong chemistry with older members.

After various acting projects and entertainment activities, Na In Woo’s next work is reportedly the 2023 movie “Waiting For You For A Long Time”. Here, Na In Woo will assume the role of male lead Oh Jin Sang, who is a rural detective, and co-star with actress Kim Ji Eun. 

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It is expected that this time, with his brilliant acting, Na In Woo will once again succeed in a new challenge and expand the scope of his acting role, playing a character that struggles to take revenge. 

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