“Birth” becomes the first Korean film to be previewed in the Vatican City State 

A movie preview for Park Heung Sik’s movie “Birth” will be held in the Vatican.

It is reported that director Park Heung Sik and the cast actors of the movie “Birth” will meet Pope Francis at the Vatican on the morning of November 16th.

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In addition, a movie preview will be held with the attendance of senior officials of the Vatican.

“Birth” tells about the life of Father Kim Taegon, the first priest in Korea, from when he was a young man born as Andrew Kim Taegon until he was martyred. This work is arousing keen interest not only in Korea but also overseas.

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Except for Ahn Sung Ki, who is battling blood cancer, other cast actors, such as Yoon Si Yoon, who plays Kim Taegon, Kim Kang Woo, Yoon Kyung Ho, Lee Moon Sik, Shin Jung Geun, Kim Gwang Gu, and Song Ji Yeon will leave for Rome on November 11th after coordinating their schedules. 

In 2021, UNESCO celebrated the 200th anniversary of Kim Taegon’s birth and selected him as a world monument, citing that his life and achievements were in line with the ideology pursued by UNESCO, and the movie “Birth” was also produced to commemorate it.

movie birth

“Birth” depicts the great journey of Kim Taegon, a pioneer young man who opened the path of the modern Joseon Dynasty. The film follows characters from various walks of life based on the true story of Kim Taegon, who is well known and respected not only in the religious world but also in the historical realm.

movie birth

The role of Kim Taegon is taken on by Yoon Si Yoon. Choi Yang Eop, the second priest in Korea, is played by former Infinite member Lee Ho Won.

movie birth

“Birth,” which is drawing attention from many people, will be officially released in Korea on November 30 after its premiere at the Vatican on November 16.

movie birth

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