Seolhyun, “If I go through a series of difficult incidents, I may quit my job”

Seohyun reveals she is very similar to her character Lee Yeo Reum in the upcoming drama “Summer Strike”. 

On the November 7th broadcast of SBS Power FM’s radio program ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’, actresses Seolhyun and Shin Eun Soo appeared as guests.

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Seolhyun, who has been filming non-stop for different dramas, said, “I started with ‘The Killer’s Shopping List.’ I didn’t take a break and I filmed one work a year.” When Choi Hwa Jung asked, “Do you normally like to work without a break?” Seolhyun replied, “I usually like to take time off, but when I think of the fans who are waiting, I think I need to get back to work quickly after resting.”


Regarding the synchronization rate between Seolhyun and her character Lee Yeo Reum in the upcoming drama “Summer Strike”, Seolhyun answered 99%. She expressed her affection for the character, saying, “I wanted to do this drama so much because I felt that I could relate to (the character) after reading the webtoon.”


After going through upsetting events, Lee Yeo Reum decides to quit her job and move to a small village where things are unfamiliar to her, in order to live a new life and do nothing, leaving behind her past. 

When Choi Hwa Jung asked, “Do you think you will be able to voluntarily quit your job like Yeo Reum?” Seolhyun said, “I think it will be very difficult, but Yeo Reum went through a series of difficult incidents before she left. I think I might quit if such an incident happened to me. There hasn’t been such an incident (in my life) so far.”

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Seolhyun added, “Yeo Reum and I are similar in the way that she can live with the money she saved up, and think about it later.”

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