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“Cross the line” vs “Overreact”…Controversies surrounding OTT entertainment shows these days

From caricatures of school violence to violent physical fights between men and women. Recently, OTT entertainment programs have been embroiled in controversies one after another.

Coupang Play’s “SNL Korea Season 3” recently parodied some scenes from Netflix’s original series “The Glory”.

In “The Glory”, there is a scene where five bullies, including Park Yeon Jin (Shin Ye Eun), applied a heated hair straightener on the body of Moon Dong Eun (Jung Ji So), saying they were checking the heat of the hair straightener.

the glory

In the parody, Joo Hyun Young copied the “hair straightener heat check” scene in “The Glory” and dried filefish fillet in front of Lee Soo Ji using a hair straightener. Watching the dried filefish fillet getting burned, Lee Soo Ji cried, saying, “I have to eat it now.”

SNL Korea

After the parody was released, many netizens expressed frustration. The controversy intensified because the “hair straightener bully” depicted in “The Glory” was based on a real school violence incident that happened in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do in 2006.

As there were actual victims, netizens criticized sharply, “It’s not funny at all”, “They crossed the line”…

SNL Korea

Netflix’s entertainment show “Physical: 100” was also recently embroiled in controversy with a scene in which a male contestant pressed a female contestant’s chest with his knee during a confrontation.

This scene, which became a hot topic online, turned into a gender conflict.

Physical 100 thumbnail

Many netizens reacted negatively to the male contestant’s behavior. They commented, “I hate when men choose women because they think they (the female participants) are weak. I’m rooting for her!!!”, “Rooting for all the female participants that were picked by men. Boo to those men” and “Knee to the chest?! So is a knee to the groin for the men okay too?!”

On the other hand, there were some opinions advocating, such as “You guys are overreacting. This program is a survival program, so such actions can not be helped”…

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