BLACKPINK Jennie was hit by a banner in the face, the idol had the funniest reaction

BLACKPINK Jennie had the funniest reactions onstage after being hit by a banner.

On May 13th, BLACKPINK held their night of performance in Singapore at the National Stadium on their “BORN PINK” World Tour. The concert night was going well until an “accident” happened.


When Jennie was interacting with the audience, Jisoo was holding a banner. Due to strong wind, the banner accidentally hit Jennie in the face. In response, the main rapper of the group pretended to cry and said, “Jisoo hit me”, creating a funny situation. The audience was amused by the idol’s reaction and even swooned over her adorable crying.

A banner accidentally hit Jennie in the face
A banner accidentally hit Jennie in the face
Jisoo was the one carrying the banner
Jennie faked crying
Jennie faked crying
Jennie’s tears were so convincing that Lisa was worried about Jennie
Jennie faked crying
Jennie revealed Jisoo to be at fault

Source: K14 

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