Pregnancy, tattoos, and weight, is there too much nosiness when it comes to female stars? 

Female celebrities may be suffering from too much discussion regarding their personal matters.

On September 16th, dancer Honey J (real name Jung Ha Nui), the head of dance crew Holy Bang, which won Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”, announced her plan to get married within the year. In particular, the dancer said, “I met a person who made me want to dream of a future together, and I made a promise for the rest of my life”, at the same time revealed her pregnancy while adding, “a new life has come to me”.

At Honey J’s double big news, congratulations poured out not only from fellow dancers but also from many entertainment colleagues on the news.

Honey J

However, the celebration soon led to excessive interest and speculation. Starting with a speculative article about her prospective husband, all of the dancer’s “virtual prospective mothers-in-law” were also present to worry about the career disconnection of Honey J, a pregnant woman, or point out how she’s wearing exposed clothes that revealed her stomachs.

In the end, Honey J herself had to ask everyone to tone down, saying, “This is a photo I took before Love (Tae Myung) was born. No more worrying.”

Honey J

Although some fans wish for a happy married life and an easy childbirth for Honey J, the most important thing for pregnant women is emotional stability. It is natural that uploading photos before and after pregnancy is not helpful for prenatal education. Rather than covering Honey J’s stomach, it is more important to cover the mouths that are trying to nag the dancer under the guise of “worry”.

While Honey J’s incident can be considered a minor transgression due to inclination, there are stars who have suddenly been criticized for their appearance.

Honey J

Nana, who has transformed from a singer to an actress, and is gaining ground in the acting field, recently attended a press conference for the movie “Confession”, which was held on September 20. Here, she was dressed in a black minidress that exposed her shoulders and legs, showing off tattoos that cover her shoulders, chest and legs, which were published and immediately became a hot topic.

At first, opinions were divided over whether a real tattoo or a sticker was attached, but six days later, on the 27th, Nana revealed that tattoos is a personal choice”, and disputes began over whether the actress’s tattoos were appropriate.


While there were concerns that there would be limitations in playing various roles as an actor, numerous rough and simple reviews claimed that Nana’s “existing luxurious image has disappeared”. Some even went as far as to speculate about Nana’s relationship with a tattooist, or say that she will soon regret and have a change of heart, completely ignoring Nana’s explanation, which emphasized “individual choice”.


If Nana had a rough time with her tattoo on her body, actress and director Goo Hye Sun received the unwanted spotlight just because of her body. Previously on September 30, Goo Hye Sun attended the 27th Chunsa International Film Festival, where she wore a checkered outfit that revealed her legs, and articles about her slightly “swollen body” suddenly popped up everywhere. 

Goo Hye Sun

As news with provocative headlines such as “Suddenly Fat” poured in, Goo Hye Sun explained through her personal SNS that she recently lost a dog who she considered family, saying, “I gained weight because my mind was a little tired. I will definitely recover and go to the Busan International Film Festival.”

At the opening ceremony of the 27th Pusan ​​International Film Festival held on October 5, Goo Hye Sun revealed a remarkably different image as promised. Her face line has become slimmer, and the swelling has disappeared overall. The media and the public applauded Goo Hye Sun for her efforts of dieting within 5 days.

goo hye sun biff

However, it’s still rather unreasonable to have to promise to lose weight in 5 days in the first place, since this may lead to health consequences. With past photos so pretty she looked like dolls, Goo Hye Sun is considered the representative “natural beauty” of the entertainment industry, and thus is expected to look perfect for the rest of her life. As a result, when the actress gains weight, instead of considering it to be normal, people become harsh and consider the action an “accident”. 

Goo Hye-sun

It’s common knowledge that it is rude to insist on an individual’s pregnancy, marriage, tattoos, and weight, regardless of the gender of celebrities. Hopefully, this common sense will also apply when it comes to female stars. It’s time to put aside the disguise of concern and to maintain a healthy distance to the personal life of celebrities.

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