Goo Hye-sun surprised everyone with her chubby appearance… She had a hard time due to the sad news of her pet dog?

Actress-painter-film director Goo Hye-sun is drawing explosive attention due to her weight gain. 

Goo Hye-sun recently made her official appearance at a public event after a long time with a chubbier body compared to before. Directly informing fans of her recent, Goo Hye-sun said, “I had a hard time”.

Goo Hye-sun attended the Red Carpet of the 27th Chunsa Film Art Awards held at Sowol Arts Hall in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on September 30th. On that day, Goo Hye-sun made headlines with a changing outlook. She showed up with a chubby body that was quite different from that of her last appearance with 46kg after dieting. 

In particular, Goo Hye-sun entered the Red Carpet event in a fancy suit and miniskirt. Although the miniskirt helped the actress boast her body lines, the jacket, which was tied with one button, caught the eyes of fans because it seemed to be tightening her body.

Goo Hye-sun’s plump cheeks make her look cuter and younger. At the age of 39, her doll-like visual still shone. The actress also said on her personal SNS account, “I’ve arrived at the opening ceremony as a judge of the 27th Chunsa Film Art Awards”.

However, Goo Hye-sun’s sudden weight gain also raised fans’ concerns. Many fans were very worried about her health.

In this regard, Goo Hye-sun coolly said, “I gained weight because I recently had a little hard time. I will recover before attending Busan International Film Festival. Let’s meet again on the 5th and 6th at the Busan International Film Festival”.

Goo Hye-sun recently revealed on her SNS that her long-time friend, a pet dog named “Potato”, has gone to heaven. The actress said, “Potato will stay in my heart forever”, expressing her deep affection. Since Goo Hye-sun often mentioned Potato on various broadcasts, fans also expressed their regret.

With Goo Hye-sun delivering the sad news, netizens speculated that she might have been mentally tired after the leaving of her dog. As Goo Hye-sun explained the reason why she showed a little change in appearance, fans also gave warm support and cheers for her. 

Source: daum

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