All the times aespa got into controversies due to overly “media play” 

Once self-claimed to be “new-generation digital music queen”, aespa this time called themselves “global fashion icon”

aespa is a well-known girl group from the fourth generation of K-pop. However, due to its excessive ‘media play’, Aespa is gradually losing sympathy in the hearts of the audience.

Recently, aespa has become the first 4th generation girl group to be invited to attend Paris Fashion Week 2022 as the Ambassador of Givenchy.  However, aespa caused controversy because they identified themselves as “global fashion icon”.

On the official Twitter account, aespa posted the status, saying: “Global fashion icon aespa attends the Paris Fashion Week for the Givenchy SS23 show! They’ll be holding an offline fan event while in France!”

SM’s girl group’s fashion style, however, has never been highly appreciated. On the other hand, other K-pop idols who regularly attend fashion weeks like BLACKPINK, Sandara Park, G-Dragon, Mark Tuan have never even identified themselves as global fashion icons.

This isn’t the first time aespa has given themselves the titles. The four SM Entertainment girls once stirred much debate when they attended Coachella 2022. At that time, they said on SNS that they are “the first girl group to perform at the main stage of Coachella.” However, prior to that, BLACKPINK went to this prestigious US music festival.

At the time of achieving the first Perfect All-kill in the career with the song Savage, aespa also identified themselves as the “new-generation digital music queen”.  This achievement has been achieved by many Gen 4 groups such as IVE, (G)-IDLE but they have never brought it out for media play.  On the other hand, aespa’s newly released song “Girls” did not achieve the expected results on digital music charts.

Although they have achieved a lot of success, compared to their seniors, aespa still needs to work harder in the future. 

Source: yan

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