Brave Girls, climb charts just a day before disbandment… Come to meet soldiers (“Immortal Songs”)

Girl group Brave Girls came to meet South Korean soldiers.

KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Songs“, which aired on Oct 1st, was decorated as a special episode in commemoration of the 74th anniversary of Armed Forces Day. Various singers performed at the Peace Plaza, War Memorial of Korea, Yongsan.

Before their appearance, Brave Girls drew attention due to their extraordinary relationship with South Korean soldiers.

Although they decided to disband due to successive album failures, “Rollin'” succeeded in climbing charts after 4 years as Brave Girls’ military performance and soldiers’ passionate viewing became a hot topic just a day before disbandment.

The show also introduced witty comments from soldiers such as “If you play this during war, you win”, “Korea will be unified”, “What kind of enemy won’t run away after seeing soldiers turning their arms to the chorus”, “No.1 on the military Billboard chart”…

Yujeong expressed her feelings after winning first place, “Military soldiers. Reservists. Civil Defense Corps’ members. Thank you so much.”

Meanwhile, on the stage of “Immortal Songs”, Brave Girls led many South Korean soldiers to sing along to “Rollin'”.

Source: nate

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