Crush, sing a congratulatory song at BTS J-Hope’s older sister’s wedding… “It felt like an audition”

Crush revealed his extraordinary relationship with BTS J-Hope.

In episode 352 – special episode “Girl Crush” of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros“, which aired on Oct 1st, Jaejae, Bibi, Crush appeared as guests and showed off their volubility.

Crush collaborated with BTS J-Hope in his new song “Rush Hour”. When asked “Did you originally know each other?”, Crush replied, “Yes. J-Hope asked me to sing a congratulatory song at his older sister’s wedding.”

He added, “I sang my hit song ‘Beautiful’.” He then made everyone laugh by talking about the tense moment when meeting BTS members, “BTS members were sitting all the time when I performed the congratulatory song. It felt like an audition. Because they’re world stars.”

Source: daum

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