TWICE surpasses BLACKPINK and BTS, receives higher score than Justin Bieber, Taylor on Pitchfork

Thereby, TWICE’s “Taste Of Love” album is tied with 2 representatives from SM and YG.

TWICE made a comeback June 9 with title song “Alcohol-Free” in the 10th mini album “Taste Of Love”. This summer comeback marks the first time for the group to return to Kpop race after nearly 8 months since the 2nd full-length album “Eyes Wide Open”.

TWICE invested heavily in image quality and MV in this comeback but the music is still controversial and was criticized for being boring, lacking an emphasis after release. However, the overall album “Taste Of Love” recently got a 7.3 review score on Pitchfork. Pitchfork is a prestigious magazine and is known for being extremely finicky. But this time TWICE was given the second-highest score in Kpop history, making netizens impressed and shocked.

Needless to say, Pitchfork has long been famous as one of the most rigorous, fair, and trusted music critic sites in the world. One of the most anticipated articles are the album reviews with the scores being lowered without mercy, whether it’s a rising star, a rising star, an A+ star, or Kpop stars, all are placed under a fair, purely musical perspective, and virtually unaffected by private life or fame.

TWICE’s Taste Of Love album recently tied with 2NE1‘s Crush and f(x)’s 4 Walls to become the second highest-scoring K-pop album on Pitchfork. Currently, the K-pop album with the highest rating on Pitchfork is Seo Taiji and Boys by Seo Taiji and Boys with 8.3 points.

Getting a “fairly average” score like TWICE and Taste Of Love on Pitchfork is also a remarkable achievement for a Korean group.

TWICE’s achievements have surpassed contemporaries like BTS or BLACKPINK.  BTS’s highest ranking is 3rd with the album Love Yourself: Tear (7.1 points).  As for BLACKPINK, the album Kill This Love has the highest score of 6.2 points, ranked 6th.


Top Pitchfork highest-rated Kpop albums of all time:

  • 1. Seo Taiji And Boys – Seo Taiji and Boys: 8.3
  • 2. Taste Of Love – TWICE: 7.3
  • 2. 4 Walls – f(x): 7.3
  • 2. Crush – 2NE1: 7.3
  • 3. Love Yourself: Tear – BTS: 7.1
  • 4. BE – BTS: 7.0
  • 5. Map Of The Soul: 7 – BTS: 6.3

Furthermore, with a score of 7.3, TWICE’s Taste Of Love album also surpassed some other popular USUK albums such as Reputation (Taylor Swift) with only 6.5 points, Changes (Justin Bieber) with a score of 4.5 or Wonder (Shawn Mendes) with a 5.0,… This is clearly an achievement to be proud of!

Source: Pitchfork

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