Brave Girls’s Yu-jeong made a shocking remark about her menstrual cycle, “It’s normal so I can still get pregnant…”

Yu-jeong, a member of Brave Girls, told an honest story about her menstrual cycle.

On KBS’s “I Don’t Want to Diet” broadcast, which aired on May 21st, Ha Jae-sook, Bae Yoon-jung, Go Eun-ah, Yu-jeong, Kim Joo-yeon, Park Moon-chi, began living together at a dorm to lose weight with mentor Kim Shin-young.


On this day, the members gathered at the dining table to eat and honestly shared their stories. Bae Yoon-jung asked, “I’m in my period, then what should I eat?”.

Kim Shin-young said, “I once ate 80 chocolates at once due to severe menstrual syndrome and fainted because my blood sugar level rose too significantly. Then the doctor prescribed carrots”. “Eat carrots”, she advised.


Since there were only female cast members, they naturally brought up stories and talked about menstruation and their menstrual cycle comfortably. Go Eun-ah asked, “How are your menstrual cycles?”


Yu-jeong responded, “My cycle has never been changed nor gotten worse, even when I was dieting.” She slightly boasted about her menstrual cycle that remained constant even when she lost weight.

When the members were praising, “You have a healthy body. It’s a good thing”, Yu-jeong made a shocking remark, saying “I can still get pregnant”, making everyone laugh so hard.


The members were shocked at Yu-jeong’s sudden confession. Noticing the unusual atmosphere, Yu-jeong said, “Later on”, drawing laughter.

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