BLACKPINK Jisoo’s drama “Snowdrop” gained impressive achievements but suddenly got criticized again because of staff’s remarks

A representative from the production crew of “Snowdrop” answered an interview about the controversies surrounding the drama.

It seems like “Snowdrop” has not fulfilled the promise of solving the viewers’ concerns after the broadcast of episode 5. The identity of the male lead still remains a mystery after 5 episodes. However, remarkable achievements have been noticed. After airing 2 episodes during the Christmas holiday, the rating of episode 5 finally saw a rise. Jisoo and Jung Hae In also ranked No.7 and No.10, respectively, in the chart of Korean actors that gained the most attention from K-drama audiences announced by Good Data.

Snowdrop achievements

Moreover, hashtag #snowdrop impressively exceeded 1 billion views on Tiktok, recording an increase of 500 million views in 10 days. “Snowdrop” also led the CPI chart in the 3rd week of December released by CJ ENM with 316,6 points. In particular, CPI is an analysis of how content from 29 channels, including TV programs, general programs, entertainment/music shows, entertainment news, etc., aired in the golden broadcasting time affects the viewers.

Snowdrop achievements

However, these achievements couldn’t change Koreans’ negative attitudes towards “Snowdrop” as one of the production crew staff – A caused a stir after answering an interview about the drama. In particular, A said, “Snowdrop is a project we created with the thought that agents of the Agency for National Security Planning are also ordinary people. There are several sarcastic details about the government during that time, but they are not described as really bad people. Some scenes that are related to the situation in 1998 will be shown, but the Agency for National Security Planning will not be portrayed in a really negative way.”

Snowdrop achievements

A emphasized: “I feel like the controversy over historical distortion is a matter of opinion, how you view the era in 1987. Snowdrop describes the NSA as politically neutral but if many viewers are not satisfied with such a viewpoint, misunderstandings will perpetuate.”

Snowdrop achievements

Immediately after the interview was posted, Korean netizens expressed their anger. The fact that many innocent students were tortured and killed during the democratization movement makes Korean viewers disaprove of A’s statement. In addition, the attitude of “attributing responsibility to the audience’s view of what happened in 1987” also causes the production crew of “Snowdrop” to be severely criticized.

Some netizens’ comments:

  • Does this mean they are acknowledging they distorted Korean history? I don’t even know how JTBC approved this project
  • This remark proves Korean netizens are right. They should have made another generic 80s themed drama. There are so many people who suffered from traumas because of the government in the 80s. It’s terrible that the actors even agreed to such a project.
  • JTBC needs to stop with their publicity stunt
  • They could have done something like Youth Of May
Snowdrop achievements
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