Youn Yuh-jung: “No one sponsored me, the $6000 dress at Cannes 10 years ago was my own money”

Youn Yuh-jung confessed the stories about her expensive clothings at Cannes 10 years ago.

In tvN’s “Unexpected Journey,” which aired on May 8th, producer Na Young-seok joined actor Youn Yuh-jung‘s schedule in the U.S. together with manager Lee Seo-jin.


Manager Lee Seo-jin‘s first task is to organize Youn Yuh-jung‘s luggage. In Youn Yuh-jung‘s suitcase was a C brand dress to wear at the Oscars, and Youn Yuh-jung said, “I don’t like dressing up too much. I’m not a nominee, just a presenter. So something casual. When I first went there, no one was that interested in me. Because that was when we haven’t won any award,” she recalled.


Youn Yuh-jung then recalled last year’s Oscar and said, “It was an unexpected award. I’m nobody. Who would sponsor my clothes? There was no offer at all. They only sponsor the nominees of the Best Actress Award, but they said they can’t do so for the Best Supporting Actress Award. That’s what the world is like. Oscar is the flower of capitalism,” she said, adding, “I didn’t get sponsored last year too.”


Youn Yuh-jung said, “My son just told me to bring my own dress from home. The one my mom wore. No one sponsor me,” she said. “I bought this dress on the day of the Cannes Film Festival more than a decade ago. The stylist found the dress on the day of the award ceremony because the original one didn’t suit me.”


Youn Yuh-jung revealed, “I found a dress and it was 4,500 euros. I knew it was 6 million won. I told my stylist to hurry up and bring my card. She then took my personal card. But when I asked her how she did it when she couldn’t speak English. “Buy, buy.” That’s what he said. Because she knows me. On that day, I paid with my own money and bought it, so I reduced the length. It’s a big dress.”


The production team said, “You have chosen it well.” When asked about her other outfits, “How much did you pay for the most expensive one?” Youn Yuh-jung said, “I bought a coat for 5.5 million won and promised myself I would wear it for the rest of my life. My role in ‘Farewell’ is a very rich woman, so almost everything I wore was from C brand. That’s why I was short on money. Even my appearance fee wasn’t enough to pay for that. There was no stylist at the time.”


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