The reason why actors boldly ruin their image on “SNL Korea”

The appearance fee for Coupang Play’s original series “SNL Korea” is drawing attention.

On the January 29th episode of “SNL Korea” Season 2, Heo Sung-tae appeared as a host and parodied trendy dances, mukbangs and lookbook videos on Internet broadcasts.

In particular, viewers’ hot interest turned to the “Cocaine Dance“.

In the first corner “Hubbly TV“, Heo Sung-tae performed a sexy dance to the music. The charms that he did not show as Jang Deok-su in Netflix’s original series “Squid Game” shone brightly.

After the show, many online communities such as FM Korea focused on the appearance fee of “SNL Korea“.

According to YTN in September 2021, the production cost of Coupang Play’s “SNL Korea” Season 1, which consists of 10 episodes, amounted to about 12 billion won. This is 12 times the production cost per episode (about 150 million won) of the previous seasons.

In particular, it is known that actor A, who decided to appear as a host in “SNL Korea” Season 1, was promised a fee of more than 100 million won.

Earlier, “SNL Korea” featured not only Heo Sung-tae but also top actors including Lee Byung-hun, Shin Hye-sun and Yoon Kye-sang. Industry insiders said that Coupang Play’s capital strength played a big role in their decision to appear on “SNL Korea”, which presents high-level skits.

SNL Korea

Meanwhile, FM Korea users admired the production cost by leaving comments such as “There is nothing that can’t be done with money”, “150 million won per episode is already a lot of money, but 1.2 billion won…”, “If you do that, you’ll earn hundreds of millions of won”, “If you do it well, you can both get paid and change your image”…

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