BTS Jimin’s “Like Crazy” played in Seoul Festa promotional video

Meanwhile, Seoul Metropolitan Government released on its official channel a video titled “Seoul Festa 2023: Feel The Real Seoul – Feeling Seoul’s charms with five senses” using the song “Like Crazy” in Jimin’s solo album “FACE” as the background music.


Jimin’s “Like Crazy” added a spectacular atmosphere to the vivid 4K video capturing a grand opening ceremony at the Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium and the breathtaking scenes of the “Drone Light Show” with 567 drone lighting up the night sky at Tteokseom Hangang Park. The lively sound of “Like Crazy” further enhanced the dynamic appeal of the promotional video.


Meanwhile, Jimin has been the honorary tourism ambassador for Seoul for five years since 2017. It is more meaningful as his voice was played as the background music to introduce the Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium, where he has performed several times, as a famous tourist attraction in Seoul.

Source: Nate

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