“HMLYCP” Hyeri tearfully challenges the malatang mission, “It’s like a punishment. I’m not happy about this”

Singer-actress Hyeri will challenge an uncomfortable mukbang challenge on “HMLYCP”.

According to ENA on May 7th, episode 9 of “HMLYCP”, scheduled to air at 7:50 p.m. on the same day, will reveal the malatang soup challenge of ‘mukbang master’ Hyeri.

Hyeri is known by the nickname ‘original mukbang queen’ in the idol industry. Scenes of her eating in various entertainment shows and contents have been considered her signature characteristic, to the point where she became a hot topic for mukbang. However, on the new broadcast of “HMLYCP”, she will present the most uncomfortable mukbang of her entertainment career.


According to the preview released by the production team, Hyeri is given the mission to eat malatang without splashing. The key was to prevent the broth from splattering onto white drawing papers.

The situation has become even more burdensome for Hyeri as her challenge success would determine whether her younger sisters, Miyeon and Lee Jung, could have their meal. It is said that younger sisters were extremely nervous about whether Hyeri would splash the broth on the white papers

Lee Jung confesses, “I love malatang so much that I go to eat it twice a week”, praying for Hyeri’s success. Miyeon expresses her anticipation, saying, “I have never properly tried malatang before. I wonder if I will get the chance to try it today.”

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Hyeri finally says with a tearful expression, saying “It doesn’t feel like eating at all. It’s like a punishment. I’m not happy about this.” Nevertheless, Lee Jung replied, “If you’re going to spit it out, spit it out on my hand,” and Miyeon showed a sincere side without entertainment in front of the food, which is expected to bring laughter.

In particular, the reason Hyeri was given this mukbang mission is said to be hidden under the keyword ‘betrayal’, raising viewers’ curiosity. Hyeri shares, “This is why people should live kindly”, teasing the upcoming broadcast of Season 2.

Source: Daum

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