Scammed 9.4 million USD by his brother, a Korean comedian was beaten severely by his father

A Korean comedian had to be sent to the hospital after his father beat him up for suing his brother. 

Back in June 2022, Korean comedian Park Soo Hong discussed in detail how his older brother and sister-in-law robbed him of 9.4 million USD and how he filed for a civil lawsuit. The event was shocking to most netizens, considering how the brother was cruel enough to steal Park Soo Hong’s life savings for 30 years and even gaslit the comedian.

park Soo hong

On October 4th, Park Soo Hong, his brother, as well as their family, attended a cross-examination session at the prosecutor’s office of Seoul. However, in the middle of the session, Park Soo Hong’s father became violent with the comedian, constantly defamed him,and even threatened to kill his own son. Immediately, police intervened, while Park Soo Hong had to be transferred to the hospital in an ambulance due to shock, fatigue, and respiratory distress.

park Soo hong
Park Soo Hong required emergency treatment after being assaulted by his father during a cross-examination

According to Park Soo Hong’s attorney, the comedian’s father even attempted to accept all charges on behalf of his older son. Despite being hospitalized, Park Soo Hong expressed his wish to participate in the recording for the show “Dongchimi” on October 6.

park Soo hong family
Park Soo Hong’s mother, older brother and sister-in-law

Park Soo Hong was born in 1970, is a famous comedian and presenter in Korea. He won many awards at the 2002 MBC Drama Awards and the 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards. The property dispute with his brother caused him to go through a mental crisis and suffer from insomnia for a long time. After hearing the story, many netizens are sending words of encouragement and support for Park Soo Hong.

Source: K14

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