The sad end of a popular male idol who secretly applied for an audition of his agency

There is an idol group that has been actively working after renewing their contract with the agency Starship Entertainment recently.

The members of the group are showing their faces to the public in their own ways, such as conducting personal broadcasts and releasing solo albums.

While taking a break from group activities, one member shared what he had done recently as he wanted to do something fun.

On Oct 4th, MONSTA X Minhyuk appeared on Naver NOW’s “Vogue Ship Show Season 2”, where he is the MC, and revealed his recent status.

On this day, Minhyuk said, “I really want to do something fun. After thinking ‘What is it?’, not long ago, I went to Starship Entertainment’s website and applied for an audition.”

He began reciting what he applied for at that time, saying, “I captured a picture in case you said it was a lie.”

Lee Min-hyuk, who is usually called a “face genius” among fans, proudly said that he applied for the category of “visual” among 4 categories during the audition: vocal, rap, dance, and visual.

At the time of applying for the audition, he carefully wrote down his personal information such as his name, gender, height, weight, and birth date, and left his cell phone number, e-mail, and where he lived.

He showed off his versatility by writing that he has released a number of albums and that he can even sing, dance, and sing trot in his specialty and career.

Minhyuk said he was disappointed that he tried to attach a video, but the capacity was too large, so he uploaded only three selfies as the attachment.

Minhyuk was sad that the agency didn’t call him

Min-hyuk shared, “They have received it. But I didn’t get any call. I must have failed,” he said with a bitter smile.

“They should have contacted me, but they didn’t. Did it come by mail?” he said, puzzled.

“But wouldn’t it make their day a little bit fun if the people in charge (at the agency) saw it?” he said, showing a “cool” side.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X, to which Minhyuk belongs, is an 8-year-old idol group which debuted in 2015. Exception for the youngest member I.M, all members recently renewed their contracts with the agency, safely passing the 7-year curse.

I.M left the agency, but he said that he would remain a member of MONSTA X and continue to carry out group activities.

MONSTA X held the “2022 MONSTA X No Limit Tour in Seoul” for 3 days from Sep 2nd to Sep 4th to meet fans.

This concert is MONSTA X’s first concert held in Seoul after 3 years due to the aftermath of COVID-19 since “WE ARE HERE” held in 2019.

On the last day of the concert, member Shownu, who is currently serving in the alternative military service as a social worker, visited the concert hall and received enthusiastic cheers.

Source: insight

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