“Whether the arts and sports personnel system is abolished or maintained, BTS activities should be guaranteed”… New report reportedly submitted to the Presidential Office

New updates on BTS’s military service issue have been reported.

On October 4th, SBS News said, “The Presidential Office recently received a report on the plans to improve the military service exemption system and it has been confirmed to contain content that guarantees BTS’s activities in any circumstance.”


It is the “Proposals for the improvement of the system of arts and sports personnel” that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism prepared and reported to the Chief Secretary for Social Affairs at the Office of the President. In the report, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism stated that they followed the Presidential Office’s order to review the system reform plan in line with the issue of “fairness”. The first plan, which is to abolish the current arts and sports personnel system, and the second one, which is to maintain the system but strengthen fairness, were proposed at the same time. Contents related to BTS were included in both proposals.

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According to the first plan, even if the system is abolished, an “arts and sports military unit” should be created for arts and sports people to maintain their skills even after joining the military, or expand the scope of the military band and establish a new unit for sports. The content calling for allowing overseas travel and out-of-unit stay for about 120 days a year if all seven members of BTS enlisted in this way was separately proposed. Specifically, it includes domestic and overseas concerts, attendances at award ceremonies, as well as online and offline promotional activities, including appearances on TV broadcasts. However, since they are profitable activities, it is said to be limited to cases in which the public interest is recognized, such as Busan Expo promotion, or certain profits are donated for public interest purposes.

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The second proposal is to keep the current system of arts and sports personnel and incorporate popular culture artists, such as BTS, into it. 


Source: Wikitree

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