Sakura, once outshined by Jang Wonyoung, is now HYBE’s treasure 

Now a member of LE SSERAFIM, it seems that Sakura finally gets the treatment she deserves. 

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura is among the hottest names at the moment, having earned recognition from her previous debut with Japanese idol group HKT48 and Kpop project group IZ*ONE. The female idol is well-known for her talent, visuals, and an extremely cute and funny personality. 

Sakura is now a member of HYBE’s new girlgroup LE SERRAFIM.

Born in 1998, Miyawaki Sakura mingled with the arts from a very young age. She participated in her school’s drama club as a child, and has always dreamed of performing on stage. Unfortunately, her parents were against this risky passion, and instead wanted their daughter to become a doctor. 

Sakura has always been fond of the arts.

The chance to shine finally came in 2011, when the 13-year-old Sakura passed the audition to be a member of idol group HKT48 (under the AKB company). The idol soon gained attention for her hilarious comedic skits on variety shows, and became a pillar member of HKT48

Sakura used to be a Japanese idol under HKT48. 
The female idol never failed to crack fans up in her variety show appearances. 

After attaining several accomplishments as a Japanese idol, Sakura decided to join the Kpop survival show Produce 48, eventually winning the 2nd place with her stunning beauty, charming personality, and determination on the stage. 

This resulted in her debut as a member of project group IZ*ONE, which also included IVE’s Jang Wonyoung as the group’s center. It was during this time that Sakura seemed to have been outshined. 

In IZ*ONE, Sakura seemed to draw less attention than group member Jang Wonyoung.
A previous moment of the two together made fans enraged.

After their idol’s new debut teaser, fans started to dig up an old moment where Jang Wonyoung allegedly acted rudely towards Sakura. According to them, as a Japanese idol in Korea with a mild personality, Sakura had to hold back her expressions despite being uncomfortable. However, others brushed away the issue, saying that this was only a false assumption. 

Fans of Sakura were enraged, thinking that Jang Wonyoung treated their idol harshly. 

Sakura also recently shared about her difficulties during the time with IZ*ONE. According to the idol, cultural and language differences made it challenging for her to communicate and practice with the group. Once an iconic personality on Japanese TV shows, Sakura became a lot meeker when she came to Korea. However, she can now speak Korean fluently, earning plenty of praise from the public as well as her fans. 

Sakura used to have a lot of difficulties while promoting as IZ*ONE. 

After the disbandment of IZ*ONE, Sakura returned to Japan, and disappeared from the Kpop scene. The hiatus went on for a whole year, until the idol confirmed that she would be joining HYBE, to the great joy of fans. When Sakura went back to Korea, she was escorted by a whole bodyguard team, and fans can’t help but thank HYBE for their attention.  

HYBE hired bodyguards to protect Sakura at the airport. 
Her return to the Kpop scene was warmly welcomed by fans. 

This April, Sakura was finally announced to be a member of Source Music’s new girlgroup LE SSERAFIM, and a part of HYBE Labels. Immediately, the idol went viral for her completely different image, which was more mature and alluring compared to the old cute Sakura. Some suspected that she might have gotten plastic surgeries for her nose and lips, but these accusations were quickly disputed by fans. 


Among LE SSERAFIM, Sakura is perhaps the member receiving the most hype. She is always in the center of group photos, and has the best styling. It seems that her previous fame has attracted quite a number of fans, and LE SSERAFIM may be the best place for Sakura to shine. 

Sakura was accused of plastic surgery before her re-debut. 
Now, she is a treasure of HYBE. 

To achieve the position she has today, Sakura has overcome numerous challenges and debuts. The idol is always improving herself, and is now at her best, whether in terms of visuals, voice, or dancing skills. Her efforts and determination have helped Sakura to surpass the language barrier, and become a diamond in the eyes of the Korean public. 

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