Nana reveals her chest tattoo… an intense and artistic choice 

Famous actress Nana confirmed the tattoo on her body 

On October 5th, actress Nana, a former member of the Kpop girl group After School, posted a few photos on her Instagram along with the caption “I love you Jihyo #HongJihyo #HeoBora #Glitch #Netflix”.


In the published photos, Nana is posing while taking a promotional photo for her new series. Her intense chest tattoos immediately grab attention.

Previously, Nana surprised netizens by appearing with various tattoos that cover her body at the scene of a press conference for her movie “Confession”. At the time, netizens suspected that they may be fake tattoos for her role, but Nana clarified, saying, “They are all tattoos I wanted to do. I don’t know if the day will come when I can tell you why I got this tattoo, but I’ll tell you later if I have a chance. They are tattoos I personally got.”


On the other hand, the Netflix series “Glitch”, which features Nana, depicts the story of Jihyo, who sees an alien, and Bora, who has been trying to track down alliances, trying to pursue the whereabouts of Jihyo’s boyfriend, who has disappeared without a trace and approaching the reality of an unconfirmed mystery. It will be released on October 7th.

Source: nate

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