“Pay more taxes”… ITZY Ryujin mentioned Joy ♥ Crush during live broadcast

ITZY Ryujin is making headlines for mentioning Joy-Crush during a live broadcast.

On Oct 4th, Ryujin and Yeji conducted a live broadcast through ITZY’s V LIVE to communicate with fans.

While reading fans’ comments, Ryujin found a comment saying Crush should pay more taxes”. She said “Crush should pay more taxes” and laughed.

itzy ryujin

When Yeji was puzzled as if she did not understand the joke, Ryujin explained, “Aren’t senior Joy and senior Crush dating?”

Yeji asked back, “Yeah, but why does it matter?” Ryujin drew attention as she explained again, “Pay more taxes. People tell him to do that.”

joy crush

Netizens who heard these remarks showed various reactions such as “Even if it’s a public relationship, her remarks are a bit…”, “It doesn’t seem like a bad intention”, “It seems like a mistake”…

Crush, who is 31 years old this year, confirmed his romantic relationship with Red Velvet Joy in August last year.

joy crush

Since the start of their public relationship, Crush has expressed his affection by often pressing “like” on Joy’s Instagram.

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