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“Street Man Fighter” Just Jerk proved their power in the Mega Crew Mission… Leader Young J shed tears of joy

Just Jerk tore up the stage for the Mega Crew Performance Mission. They even received compliments from the special judge Mike Song.

On the broadcast of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”, which aired on October 4th, the Mega Crew Performance Mission was carried out.

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The first stage of the Mega Crew Mission was presented by We Dem Boyz. Leader Vata, who was in charge of the main director for the performance but had a hard time during the practice process, shared, “I think I’m a bad leader. I don’t think I deserve this leader position. The kids could have run wild and done better, but I stepped up again. To be honest, I think I’m not that trustworthy”.

In response, another director Ingyu said, “That’s not true. The fact is that he’s a good leader and the members follow him”, comforting Vata.

street man fighter

Luckily, Vata communicated more closely with his team members and led them. As a result, We Dem Boyz showed off their charm with an overwhelmingly sharp and synchronized group dance.

However, while Ingyu was highly praised by the judges, Vata got the lowest score. The reason Vata was criticized is that their stage was so predictable. In particular, special judge Mike Song, expressed his regret, saying “You had to do something completely different.”

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Meanwhile, Mbitious also went through a difficult practice process due to the conflict in opinions between Jinwoo and Ocheon. But that only lasted for a while. On the stage, Ambitious proved their presence by introducing a magical dance that drew enthusiastic cheers from the judges. When it came to b-boying, fellow dancers were also surprised, “It’s so amazing that I’m seeing this again”. 

As a result, Wootae, Jinwoo and Ocheon received equal scores of over 1000 points from the judges. Ambitious beat We Dem Boyz to become the No.1 in the overall ranking.

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Just Jerk’s Mega Crew Mission part was also released. The members took the stage dressed in navy uniforms and brought about a performance with storytelling. The judges gave lots of compliments to this team, saying “What an amazing stage”, “This is Just Jerk”, “The stage was crazy”, etc.

Mike Song also applauded the team and commented, “The way they did it was amazing. The level of the team melting all the conditions into the performance proves how Just Jerk has gained experience on the world stage over the past decade.”

street man fighter

As a result, Just Jerk scored 1,184 points and rose to dominate 1st place. In particular, Young J gained recognition for his quality as a leader by receiving a nearly-perfect score of 399/400. In response, Young J tearfully confessed, “I’m feeling so good”. 

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