Song Joong Ki to make comeback in the noir film “Hwaran” without getting paid 

Not only is Song Joong Ki co-producing “Hwaran”, he is acting in it free of charges. 

Song Joong Ki’s upcoming noir film “Hwaran” tells the story of a young man known as Yeon Gyu (Hong Sa Bin), whose wish is to escape the hellish reality. He meets Chi Gun, the middle boss of an organization, and joins him in a precarious world. Song Joong Ki plays Chi Gun and is expected to show off his unpredictable cool charm in this role. 

Hong Sa Bin, a rookie actor, will take on the role of Yeon Gyu. Bibi (Kim Hyung Seo), who has been loved in her various roles such as singer, entertainer, and actor, has been confirmed to play Yeon Gyu’s younger sister, who does not want to be swayed by the miserable reality.

Song Joong Ki decided to appear in “Hwaran” early on. According to an industry official, the news that Song Joong Ki is joining the cast of a low-budget movie was already surprising, but what’s even more surprising is that he is willing to work with no pay. 

Song Joong Ki is also revealed to be participating in the movie’s co-production in the name of his agency, raising more interest. 

Talking about “Hwaran”, Song Joong Ki said, “It is a work that presents a new challenge to me, so I have a special feeling. I am looking forward to the intense scenes I will create with the director and other actors.”

Song Joong Ki’s new challenge for the noir movie “Hwaran” started filming in mid-September, and is set to be released in the second half of next year.

Source: daum

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