Seulgi introduces a high-quality solo debut with “28 Reasons”, revealing the reason why she selected this song as the title track

Red Velvet Seulgi finally made her solo debut after 8 years. The better-than-expectation music and performances signaled the beginning of “Solo Artist Kang Seulgi”.

Seulgi made her debut as a soloist by releasing her first solo album “28 Reasons” and the title song of the same name at 6 p.m on October 4th.

In the introduction for “28 Reasons”, SM Entertainment introduced, “It’s a pop dance song composed with groovy, heavy bass and whistling sounds. Its lyrics feature a character, in which good and evil coexist, showing pure interest and mischievous playfulness toward the person she likes, raising questions about the numerous reasons surrounding a relationship.”


In the countdown live broadcast right before the album release, Seulgi said, “The whistle sound is the song’s signature”, adding “I thought a lot about this song from the beginning of the album production. There were other candidates, but I chose ‘28 Reasons’ as the title track because I knew many people were looking forward to my performance. I think the performance of this song is very cool. I also liked the point that it still shows off my vocal well. After various considerations, I selected this song.”


In fact, Seulgi’s solo debut song “28 Reasons” has a complicated melody as well as a dark and captivating atmosphere. Seulgi’s vocal skills, which couldn’t stand out in Red Velvet songs, are also fully shown through her solo song. As much as how she is famous for her outstanding dance skills, Seulgi’s solo debut track also features a powerful joint performance with dancers.


In addition to the title, Seulgi’s solo album also includes “Dead Man Runnin’”, “Bad Boy, Sad Girl”, “Anywhere But Home”, “Los Angeles” and “Crown”. Especially, “Dead Man Runnin’” was written by Seulgi and it delivers a warning to those who hurt her in the past and expresses her empty and insecure heart caused by the wounds. 

Seulgi 28 reasons

Regarding her preparation for her solo debut album, Seulgi shared, “I had many worries, adding “I know what everyone likes so I wanted to bring out the best results. I also leaned on the members during that time”. She continued, “There were so many good people around me, many people who like me and support me, that’s how I was able to work hard to prepare this album”.


In particular, Seulgi also confessed, “How can I become Seulgi without ReVeluvs (Red Velvet’s fandom?”, adding “I’m here for ReVeluv, and ReVeluv are also here for me”, showing her special affection for fans.

Source: daum

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