Baby Monster Surpasses 2 Million Subscribers in K-Pop Girl Group Record-Breaking Time

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER, which is about to debut, has surpassed 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

According to YG Entertainment on the 7th, the number of subscribers to BABYMONSTER‘s official YouTube channel exceeded 2 million at around 3:12 pm the previous day. It took only 129 days after the channel opened on December 28 last year, which is the shortest period for a K-pop girl group in history. This is a part where you can get a glimpse of the extraordinary expectations of global music fans for BABYMONSTER, which YG has been preparing for a long time.

baby monster

In particular, since they are trainees who have not yet officially debuted, that meaning is special. This achievement was achieved not through album promotion, but through preliminary contents such as personal introductions of the 7 prospective members, performance videos, live covers, and debut reality shows. Thanks to that hot interest, the cumulative number of views on BABYMONSTER and YG’s official YouTube channels is already approaching 400 million views.


Not only global fans but also influential foreign media are focusing their attention on BABYMONSTER. Billboard, an American music media outlet, selected them as ‘K-Pop Artists to Watch’ and predicted good results, saying, “They will create a new wave in the K-Pop genre.” On top of that, world-renowned pop star Charlie Puth also commented “I loved it” on Ahyeon’s cover of ‘Dangerously’.

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is a new girl group released by YG about 7 years after BLACKPINK. 3 Koreans (Ahyeon, Haram, Rora), 2 Thais (Pharita, Chiquita), and 2 Japanese (Ruka, Asa) preliminary members combined vocal, dance, rap and visuals. The final debut member will be announced at midnight on the 12th.

Source: star

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