Kim Jong Kook, “I want to give the Grand Prize to Ji Seok Jin… He has been really upset, and I can see it”

Kim Jong Kook mentioned Ji Seok Jin, who has been his teammate on “Running Man” for 12 years, on “Dolsing Fourmen”.

Behind-the-scenes stories of the 2022 SBS Entertainment Awards, from the situation in the waiting room to the after-party, were revealed for the first time on SBS’s variety show “Dolsing Fourmen” aired on December 27th. 

Kim Jong Kook Ji Suk-jin

On the broadcast, “Dolsing Fourmen” members were seen gathering in the waiting room two hours before the Entertainment Awards started. They were all excited because Lee Sang Min and Tak Jae Hoon were nominated for Daesang (Grand Prize).

Lee Sang Min said, “I’m also a human being. I prepared an acceptance speech as I received a nomination for the Entertainment Awards, and I’m repeating it in my mind. Even though I know that I would not win it”, expressing his honest feelings.

Kim Jong Kook Ji Suk-jin

He added, “The worst scenario would be the Daesang being awarded to me, not Jae Hoon hyung”.

At that time, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Jong Min, and Ha Kyung Hwan went to the waiting room for “Dolsing Fourmen” and gave their predictions on who would receive Daesang among the nominees. Kim Joon Ho and Im Won Hee disappointed Lee Sang Min as they chose Tak Jae Hoon.

In the case of Kim Jong Kook, he mentioned Ji Seok Jin, who has worked with him on “Running Man” for 12 years, “Seok Jin hyung will have his 60th birthday celebration on variety shows”, adding “I want to give Daesang to Ji Seok Jin. He has been really upset, and I can see it.”

Ji Suk-jin

Kim Jong Min picked Lee Sang Min among the nominees and commented, “Shin Dong Yeop and Yoo Jae Seok seem to have surpassed the level of the Grand Prize”. 

Tak Jae Hoon belatedly joined “Dolsing Fourmen” members after the rehearsal because he was the MC for Entertainment Awards. When asked to predict the Daesang winner of the 2022 Entertainment Awards, he skillfully put a sticker on his name, pretending it was a mistake. 

Shin Dong Yeop also appeared and had to join the vote. He said, “I’ll use the eraser chance when I’m confused. I’ll erase the name of the person I think he won’t receive it”, then erased Tak Jae Hoon’s name first. When Shin Dong Yeop said, “I want to give Daesang to Tak Jae Hoon, but I’m afraid that I would get involved in an accident. I recently had a drink with Tak Jae Hoon, and he still asked me, ‘Do you want to bet?’. I also told him not to play rock-paper-scissors”, Tak Jae Hoon got embarrassed.

ji suk jin

Shin Dong Yeop added, “Seok Jin hyung deserves the Grand Prize. He’s been on ‘Running Man’ for a long time. He should be rewarded for his contribution. He’s good enough to receive it, but it’s kind of… I don’t know why but…”, and other members also agreed.

Shin Dong Yeop warmly wrapped up the conversation by saying, “To be honest, I think anyone among the nominees can win the Grand Prize”.

Source: Daum

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