A male celebrity received criticism over love story with his 23-year-younger wife 

Netizens raised concerns over this male celebrity flirting with a fresh college graduate while in his 50s. 

In a recent episode of the TV program “Chosun’s Romanticist”, comedian Park Soo Hong and his 23-year-old younger wife Kim Da Ye appeared and discussed their relationship and initial meeting. According to the couple, they first met at a charity event, and Park Soo Hong immediately asked an acquaintance for Da Ye’s contact information. The comedian also revealed that his wife only accepted his courtship after 1 year. 

Park Soo Hong Kim Da Ye
Park Soo Hong and his wife retold their love story on “Chosun’s Romanticist”

At the same time, Kim Da Ye went into details about the early phase of their relationship, saying, “I was 27 years old at the time. I was young and felt no interest in him, Nevertheless, he’s not calculative like what I imagined about celebrities. Honestly, I thought he was acting at first. It took us an entire year, and he kept driving me to and from work, while I graduated college and did all sorts of jobs. He even felt sad if I went home without having dinner with him. To be truthful, I never considered that since I didn’t believe he really liked me.”

Park Soo Hong Kim Da Ye
Kim Da Ye was not interested in Park Soo Hong at first since she was young. 

Kim Da Ye then explained that she had an extremely difficult time in 2019, and Park Soo Hong was the only one to stand by her. “He didn’t change after a whole year, so I started to open my heart and believe that he has honest feelings for me. So we started dating then,” she said. 

“In the past, I wanted to get married after I reached 30 years old, but Soo Hong changed my mind. We have been through a harsh time together, so there’s no reason I would turn him down when he proposed to take care of me and stay by my side until the rest of our lives,” Kim Da Ye added.

Unfortunately, the couple’s love story is facing controversial opinions from netizens, who found it iffy that Park Soo Hong, who was then 50 year-old, would pursue a woman 23 years younger. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Park Soo Hong shouldn’t share this on air. He said his wife was cold at first, but any 27-year-old girl would not react well when a 50-year-old man started to flirt with her 
  • No matter how nice Park Soo Hong is and how much difficulties he has been through in his life, I don’t think pursuing a woman that much younger is acceptable…
  • He should have kept this to himself and continued to live happily… I simply can’t fathom the image of a 50 year old man pursuing and courting a 27-year-old woman who just graduated college… It just sound creepy
  • Older men always seem to think that young women are their potential partners…

On the other hand, Park Soo Hong is 52 years old this year. He got married to his 23-year-younger wife on December 25th this year, but the couple has registered their marriage since July 2021. 

Park Soo Hong Kim Da Ye
Park Soo Hong’s wedding on December 25th, which was postponed due to the pandemic

Source: YouTube 1 2, theqoo

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