Spotify announced two charts that prove how famous BTS and TWICE are in Japan

The charts show that BTS and TWICE are the only Kpop artists capable of competing with Japanese domestic artists.

Japan is currently the 2nd largest music market in the world (based on a report by IFPI Global).  Therefore, gaining a foothold in this market is the dream of all foreign artists and Kpop idols are no exception.  More and more K-pop groups are becoming popular in Japan, but only BTS and TWICE are said to be really popular in that country.

Recently, the music streaming service Spotify has celebrated its 5th anniversary since its first appearance in Japan.  They have published several charts based on the data Spotify has collected over the years, the most important of which is the ‘Most streamed songs in Japan in the past 5 years’ and ‘Most streamed artists in Japan in the past 5 years.’  And notably, BTS and TWICE entered the charts with admirable rankings.


Top 10 most streamed songs in Japan in the past 5 years

  • 1.夜に駆ける – YOASOBI
  • 2.Pretender – Official髭男dism
  • 3.Dynamite – BTS
  • 4.白日 – King Gnu
  • 5.ドライフラワー – 優里 (Yuuri)
  • 6.115万キロのフィルム – Official髭男dism
  • 7.I LOVE… – Official髭男dism
  • 8.マリーゴールド – あいみょん (Aimyon)
  • 9.裸の心 – あいみょん (Aimyon)
  • 10.宿命 – Official髭男dism

Top 10 most streamed artists in Japan in the past 5 years

  • 1.BTS
  • 2.Official髭男dism
  • 3.あいみょん
  • 5.TWICE
  • 7.Mrs. GREEN APPLE
  • 8.King Gnu
  • 9.back number
  • 10.嵐

Thus, it can be seen that BTS and TWICE are the only two Korean artists featured in Spotify’s Japan activity anniversary chart.  TWICE has truly proven themselves to be the most popular K-pop girl group in Japan.  We cannot deny that having Japanese members is an advantage of the group.  However, only attractive music and the right direction of activities can help TWICE maintain a stable performance for a long time. 


However, it is the case of BTS that attracts the most attention.  Accordingly, although everyone knows that BTS is very popular in Japan, when looking at the statistics, many netizens are still amazed.  In the chart of the most streamed songs in the past 5 years on Spotify Japan, although ‘Dynamite’ was only released in 2020, it has reached 3rd place and is the only song of Kpop representative to enter the Top10.


Furthermore, in the chart of the most streamed artists on Spotify Japan over the last five years, BTS surpassed all other domestic artists to take first place. This is an extremely commendable achievement for two reasons. The first is that while Japanese people still prefer to listen to music on Oricon, they have also enthusiastically used Spotify and actively streamed music for BTS. The second is that, while domestic artists are usually preferred in Japan, BTS has been able to overcome that prejudice and gradually win over the Japanese public.

Congratulations to BTS and TWICE for their remarkable achievements in Japan over the years!

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